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We Believe in Infinite Intelligence

Artist Lacey Prpc Hedtke mounted a show at Antenna Gallery in New Orleans called “We Believe in Infinite Intelligence,” an exploration of Spiritualism, based around her research and her zine of the same name. Lacey and I collaborated to create an overarching visual identity for the show – a collection of Spiritualist texts, photographs, spells, and potions made by Lacey.

I designed a mark to represent the collection, with two “i”s for Infinite Intelligence, whose dots also made two eyes – perhaps an intelligence peering out at the viewer. We also designed a system of symbols inspired by tattoos from Lacey’s Croatian heritage. Each of the symbols had the same eyes watching from somewhere within it. The mark, the symbols, and typography comprised an identity that tied together the curious materials. I designed labels for the potions, instructional posters, and vinyl text for the walls.

The exhibit included over sixty Spiritualist and other occult books as a small library. These we bound into a set with matching covers and endpapers, as if from an antiquarian’s private collection. The library now lives at Lacey’s Minneapolis shop, The Future, where they are free to browse.